How can companies get involved?

There are numerous ways for companies to get involved with The Bike Hub and fulfil CSR goals and the wider SDG agenda.


Companies can join our existing activities or liaise with us directly to build bespoke programs.

Are you looking for Team Building Opportunities? Check out our "Fix Your Own Bike @ Work (FYOB@W)" program.  We can run the workshop at your premises as well as outdoors following Covid-19 guidelines. 

  • Adopt a School Program


    We work with a number of secondary schools in delivering cycling safety & maintenance training to transition year students (TY). Companies can support schools by sponsoring a training program in disadvantaged areas.

    This program is focused on delivering bike mechanics and safe cycling training to transition year’s students (4th class), catering for a group of up to 24 students per class.

    Transition Year DATE
    These are subject to the academic calendar year and availability.

  • Upcyclers Program - Donate Bikes


    Upcyclers are a core activity contributing to the circular economy through the recycling and reuse of existing materials.

    The Bike Hub Upcyclers program focuses on restoring previously loved bikes with the aim of donating them to people on low income, refugees and other vulnerable groups. Recipients of these bikes also receive bells, locks, helmets and, if required, some training in cycling and maintenance.

    The bikes are obtained through donations and from recycling centres.

    Spare parts can be new as well as reconditioned.
    Labour can be provided through a combination of paid staff, volunteers, trainees (in training programmes or doing on-the-job-training) and the recipients of the bikes themselves.


  • Volunteer! - Donate Time

    The Bike Hub primary function is to bring all members of the community to enjoy cycling and connect at a human level.


    We partner with several different charities and community organisations. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer we would be delighted if you could support some of the programs and initiatives currently in place.

    The Bike Hub runs a variety of bike-focused initiatives. Volunteers are very welcome to join our programs, to provide much needed support in exchange of learning additional life skills. All volunteers need to be Garda Vetted.

  • Fix Your Own Bike @ Work 


    This is a hands-on workshop where participants have an opportunity to learn bike maintenance skills. Designed for people who are regular cyclists and would like to acquire the ability to carry out basic emergency repairs, ultimately increasing independence on the road. Bring your own bike.

    SIZE: 12-36 PEOPLE 
    The Bike Hub provides 6 workstations accommodating groups of 6 adults. The ratio can scale up to a maximum of 36 people.

    During the 2 hours clients will learn how to carry out maintenance tasks on their bike like fix a puncture, breaks repair, wheel truing, and adjustments.
    COST: €200 per person
    ADMIN: 10% of the total cost
    EXTRAS: parts, accessories as requested 



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Our physical address will be Closed during Lockdown till further notice.
We are working remotely. Please use our digital channels to contact us. 
Stay Safe! 



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