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Cycling Without Age Rides

The Cycling Without Age trishaws and our trained volunteer pilots provide people who aren't able to cycle themselves the chance to feel the wind in their hair. Book a spin and we'll find you a pilot so that you can enjoy the breeze as you take a nice relaxed cycle along the new coastal mobility route from Blackrock to Sandycove.

Your ride starts here

Have a read through this, and let us explain the process of going for your first Cycling Without Age ride.

Make your booking

Pressing the "Book Now" button at the bottom of this page will bring you to our simple form where you will need to fill in just a few details, like your name, phone number and email address.

You'll need to confirm that you, or the person you're booking for have someone to go with you, and that they're able to assist you if needed.

Once you've filled that in and pressed the "Find a Pilot" button you'll receive an email confirming the details of your request and we'll find a trained pilot for your ride.

We'll find a pilot

We have a list of pilots ready to help. We'll try to match your request to a pilot who is available. Once we've found a pilot and confirmed your booking, we'll email you to let you know your ride has been confirmed.

Save the date

Once you receive the email confirming your booking, make sure to put the date in your calendar. You'll need to come to our base at The Bike Hub, Queens Road, Dun Laoghaire for your ride, so don't forget!

Make sure the person accompanying you has the date in their calendar also, as you won't be able to travel without them.

Show up to our base

The bikes are stored and maintained at The Bike Hub on Queens Road, Dun Laoghaire (opposite the RNLI shop), and that's where your ride will start from. Show up there at your appointment time with the person who'll accompany you. Your pilot will meet you and your fellow passenger, and talk you through where we plan on going and some basic info about the trishaw you'll be riding in.

Get set up in our trishaw

Once your pilot has talked you through the ride you'll be able to get in the trishaw. The trishaw has a removable plate which means its accessible without any large steps or jumps, but if you're not able to get in unassisted a family member or carer will need to help you embark the trishaw. There's also a place to stow small items like bags or scarves, but please don't bring a suitcase... we can't cycle that far.

Bringing someone to accompany you is essential, the trishaws have plenty of space for two.

Get cosy and enjoy the ride

Our trishaws are equipped with seatbelts for safety and rain hood to make sure that you're comfortable during the ride. Your pilot will bring you and your fellow passenger along the coastal mobility route through Dun Laoghaire, so you can sit back, take in the sea air and enjoy watching the world go by.

Finishing up

Once the ride is over we'll return to The Bike Hub for disembarkation. Remember to take all your belongings with you.

Thanks for taking a ride in a Cycling Without Age trishaw, and you can always come back again!

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