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Blog - The Bike Hub is in business!

The Bike Hub (THB) is a community-focused social enterprise set up for ‘all things cycling’, offering many programs to meet the needs of all cyclists, including people affected by mobility issues or those who lack the confidence to be on the road on a bicycle.

A new platform using cycling ‘for social good’, The Bike Hub has clear goals around promoting a culture of inclusion, healthier lifestyles and environmental sustainability.

Set up by a diverse trio of entrepreneurs with international experience in tech, start up and CSR, Antonio, Stephen and Elena are keen cyclists with a vision to create something new that has a meaningful impact on society.

On foot of all infrastructural investment from the Government and the EU, cycling uptake is on the rise but not yet as established in Ireland, like in other countries. There are still many barriers for people to get on the road, especially for the most vulnerable, such as those affected by mobility issues, the young and the elderly and young girls who simply do not consider cycling cool enough.

The ‘bike to work’ scheme, introduced to incentivise commuting by bike, created an even larger chasm by only being made available to employees, typically working for big companies, leaving out the majority of the population who need to invest a considerable amount of money to purchase new bikes. Those not in the upper levels of the PAYE bracket, the unemployed, the self-employer, the retired, children are not catered for by current incentives.

The Bike Hub is created with this challenge in mind: to promote the culture of cycling and to deal with issues in relation to accessibility, education and maintenance.

The Bike Hub programs have a specific set of social impact criteria which include:

  • Fostering an inclusive and diverse community of cyclists through the Bike Hub clubs, groups and courses.

  • Using cycling activities in support to the most vulnerable and marginalised in society.

  • Increasing mental and physical well-being for all the people engaged with The Bike Hub activities.

  • Positively impacting local youths through skill-training and fun activities to foster their sense of belonging.

  • Job activation through local partnerships.

  • Improving the perception of cycling by the general public through enhanced infrastructure and community-led initiatives.

  • Increasing the adoption of cycling as a legitimate mode of transportation by focusing on safety and environmental awareness.

  • Expanding The Bike Hub into a national network of hubs.

Stakeholders’ participation is key for The Bike Hub to achieve its goals with the support of a network of community organisations and businesses.

For companies interested in collaborating with us we have a corporate program offering a combination of team-building activities as well as social corporate responsibility (CSR) initiatives focused on achieving several sustainable development goals (SDGs).

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