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The Bike Hub fosters social and business activities by engaging with the local community through bike-related projects. We work with young people in schools and community organisations by training them on bike-safety and basic repairs and maintenance programs. We partner with local organisations supporting active-lives for the over 60s. We strive to create a collaborative and dynamic hub where cyclists can meet, maintain and plan for fun cycling activities. We donate refurbished bikes to refugees organizations and other people in need.

The Bike Hub Social Impact & KPIs

Social Return on Investment (SROI) is a methodology which assigns monetary values to change being created by the activities of a Social Enterprise like The Bike Hub.
The methodology and metrics around monetary value will be discussed with stakeholders and implemented accordingly in a retroactive manner, with input of project participants and customers.

Social Impact Criteria


  • Promoting an inclusive and diverse community of cyclists through the Bike Hub clubs, groups and courses.

  • Using cycling activities in support to the most vulnerable and marginalised in society.

  • Increase mental and physical well-being for all the people engaged with the Bike Hub activities. 

  • Positively impact local youths through skill-training and fun activities to foster their sense of belonging.

  • Job activation through local partnerships.
    Improve positive perception of cycling by the general public through enhanced infrastructure and community-led initiatives.

  • Grow the adoption of cycling as the main mode of transportation by focusing on safety and environmental awareness.

  • Establishment of new Bike Hubs nationwide with the support of The Bike Hub Dublin.

Our Main KPIs

UNs Sustainable Development Goals

The Bike Hub sees the local communities as key stakeholders and the main beneficiaries to be the most vulnerable members of society such as refugees, asylum seekers, disenfranchised youth and the elderly.
The success of the project will be measured by its social impact. This means how it plays a role improving people’s quality of living, their engagement with the project and the socio-economic benefits it creates, including employment.

Each KPI can be corelated to the UN SDGs:

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