The Team

Who We Are

Stephen McManus

Founder & CEO

Stephen McManus is an experienced entrepreneur and a successful cycling advocate and activist, having co-founded I BIKE Dublin and CyclingWorks Dublin. Stephen recently returned to Dublin after one year investigating the best cycling practices in Europe. 

Stephen’s responsibilities at TBH are Finance, Product Development and Research (R&D) and Training Delivery.

Elena Rossi

Founder & CEO

Elena has a long experience in running Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Information and Technology (ITC) sector. A business consultant on purpose-driven models and environmental sustainability, at TBH she is responsible for Community Partnership & Corporate Relations, for developing Social Impact programs and HR.

Antonio Baretta

Founder & CEO

Antonio has a long experience as executive advisor for large corporations in the Information and Technology (ITC) sector. Antonio is also an entrepreneur and founder of a Secondary College ‘Maple Bear Alto de Pinheiros’ in São Paulo.  Antonio’s responsibilities at TBH are Operations, Technology & Digital Innovation, Marketing and School Relations.