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The Team

Who We Are

There is no The Bike Hub without our hard working and selfless volunteers. 25 people helping upcycle bikes, 40+ piloting CWA trishaws. 


Stephen McManus

CTM (Chief Trouble Maker)

Stephen is an experienced entrepreneur, a cycling advocate and activist, having co-founded

I BIKE Dublin and CyclingWorks Dublin.  

His main responsibilities at TBH are development, finance and Training Delivery.

Katie Chapman

The Digital Master 

Katie is a software engineer focused on solving problems for people. She's been involved in both cycling advocacy and activism through I BIKE Dublin and has been involved in CoderDojo, a volunteer organisation that teaches kids how to code.
Katie's responsibilities at TBH are everything digital, but her knowledge and experience extend to several key subjects for The Bike Hub.

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Steve Slusarski

The Dude 

Steve is the ultimate long distance cyclist. He has crossed Asia and Europe by bike. He is also an engineer and has even worked in nuclear plants, which may come in handy for some of our more extreme plans. He is also an accomplished carpenter.
Steve is a director of The Bike Hub, he delivers our training courses and is part of our strategy definition team.

Lucy Feng

The Suit

Lucy is all about the numbers. KPIs, OKRs, and 30 tabs of spreadsheets. She also loves cycling and is equally comfortable in lycra on her road bike, and jeans on her single speed bike. She is waiting for the right moment to turn her single speed into a fixie.
Lucy is a Program Director at The Bike Hub, runs our social media, manages clubs hosted at TBH, and runs our meetups.

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