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Bike Maintenance &
Safe Cycling Workshop

Bike Mechanics Workshop for Transition Year introduces students to new dimensions of cycling, such as learning how to fix their own bikes, understanding the rules of the road (safe cycling), as well as the physics and maths of cycling (STEM).

At the end of the course, students will be able to fix their own bikes and the bikes of the whole family!

Schools investing in safer and better cycling

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Direct Online Bike Maintenance

"The Bike Hub is hands down one of the most engaging,
productive and practical of the workshops that we've run in
St Michael's College TY - not to mention great value for
money. Stephen & Antonio are such a charismatic pair that
my students warmed to them instantly. A great addition to
our TY schedule: we'll be running this workshop again and

Aaron Copeland (TY Coordinator) St. Michael’s College

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